2015 기상상황이 제주 주요작물해충의 페놀로지에 미치는 영향 분석


Phenological Analysis of Major Crop Pests on Jeju Island in 2015 Seasons


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This study was carried out to obtain basic information for establishing the spray program of Unaspis yanonensis, Scirtothrips dorsalis, Pseudaulacaspis prunicola under global warming. The phenology was predicted with 2015 weather and 30 yr average temperatures (1981 to 2010) by using previously published forecasting models of each pest, and compared in peak dates. The 1st peak date of the 1st generation crawlers of U. yanonensis advanced 12 d in 2015 compared to that of 30 yr in Jeju city, while 8 d in Seogwipo city. In the 2nd generation, the 1st peak date occurred 7 d earlier in Jeju city than that of 30 yr, but there was no different in Seogwipo city. The 1st peak of 1st generation occurred 1 d earlier in Seogwipo than in Jeju city, while the 1st peak of 2nd generation was 2 d earlier in Jeju than in Seowipo city. The phenology of S. dorsalis advanced 20 d in the 1st generation peak in Jeju city compared to that of 30 yr, while 9 d in Seogwipo city. From the 3rd generation and there after, the peak dates were approximately 10 d earlier compared to 30 yr in Jeju, but 2 d earlier in Seogwipo city. Also, the peak dates occurred 2-3 d earlier in Jeju than in Seogwipo city. The hatched nymphs (crawlers) of 1st generation of P. prunicola advanced 14 d in 2015 compared to that of 30 yr in Jeju city, while 10 d in Seogwipo city. Judging from the present results, the change of pest phenology may be so much to disrupts existing the empirical spray program that forecasting-based spray program is required in the future.


 재료 및 방법
  화살깍지벌레(Unaspis yanonensis)
  볼록총채벌레(Scirtothrips dorsalis)
  벚나무깍지벌레(Pseudaulacaspis prunicola)
 결과 및 고찰
  화살깍지벌레 페놀로지
  볼록총채벌레 페놀로지


  • 김동순 Dong-Soon, Kim. 제주대학교 생명자원과학대학 식물환경전공, SARI


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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