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Effect of Non-Ionic Surfactant on Performance of Fattening Holstein Steers

손근남, 김현섭, 이왕식

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Substantial efforts have been made to manipulate ruminal environment in a hope to enhance ruminal fermentation efficiency for better ruminant productivity. Some of examples are methane inhibitors, antibiotics, proteolysis and/or deamination inhibitors, defaunation agents, microbial enzymes, fatty acids and/or lipid feeding, buffer agents and artificial saliva, propionate enhancement by ionophores, probiotics and non-bacterial direct-fed microbials including yeast cultures and mold fermentation extracts. Of these efforts, the non-ionic surfactant (NIS) has been known for its stimulation to release enzymes from a range of aerobic microbes. A two studies were conducted to determine influence of diluted NIS and other feed additives on the performance of fattening Holstein steers. In First experiment was conducted to examine the influence of NIS feeding on body weight gain and feed efficiency of dairy steers fed concentrates only. Thirty dairy steers were divided in two groups each of fifteen animals. Concentrate based diet of one group was supplemented with 5 g NIS/day and the other group was fed un-supplemented control diet. Body weight gain, DM intake, and feed efficiency in dairy steers were not affected by the supplementation of NIS in their diets. In second experiment, influence of NIS and yeast culture supplementation on body weight gain was studied. One hundred and fifty dairy steers were divided in three groups each of fifty animals. The dairy steers were fed only concentrate diets at ad libitum. The animals in three groups were either received NIS, yeast culture or no supplementation (control). The NIS or yeast supplementation did not affect the weight gain of finishing steer fed concentrate diets. Lack of response of NIS on intake and weight gain may be attributed to the total concentrate feeding. NIS supplementation can be more beneficial to promote intake and performance when ruminants have higher roughage-based diets.


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  • 손근남 Keun-Nam Son. 충남대학교
  • 김현섭 Hyun-Shup Kim. 농촌진흥청 국립축산과학원
  • 이왕식 Wang-Shik Lee. 제주대학교


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