이부세 마스지(井伏鱒二) 론-이부세 마스지의 시작과 완결-


A Study on Masuji Ibuse


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It is of course a very difficult task to conclude literary life of Masuji Ibuse conclusively in a word. But I think that I could roughly arrange his literatry life in order as follows; A youngster, aspiring painter who said that “I think it is artistic to paint ordinary things in ordinary places to a picture”, repeats the processes identifying his art in silence, replacing his pen with brush. Beauty, correctness, warmth and longing, the elements consisting core of his literature that can be seen in , his debut work, were absorbed into the lots of works of in the medium term steadily coming to fruition, and the rapid change caused from closed situation of the times added keenness to those outcomes. So his heart, sadly wounded in the world as devil in burning hell, bitterly felt that he could never write in the way to make sentences with ordinary things in ordinary places, that he could complete only in ernest prayer for peace. Yet it is wellknown as the highlight of Atomic bomb literature(Genbaku Literature), can be also called as the best masterpiece personally to Masuji Ibuse that concludes his literary life in the point that his literary outcome and instrumental efforts the author has accumulated since are loaded wholly in this novel.




1. 들어가며
 2. 초기
  2.1 습작시대
  2.2 무명작가시대
 3. 중기
  3.1 서민의 일상
  3.2 전쟁과 공백
 4. 후기
  4.1 「검은 비」의 필연성
  4.2 이부세의 완결
 5. 나가며


  • 신현태 Shin, HyunTae. 상명대학교 한일문화콘텐츠학과 일본근현대문학


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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