A Study on the Electronic Money in China


중국의 전자 화폐에 대한 연구

Zeng-Jun Sun, Shuo Zhang

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With the progress of science and technology and the rapid popularization of the Internet, a new form of currency -- emerge as the times require electronic currency. Electronic currency has changed people's daily payment mode, which have great impact on the traditional currency, online transaction size is also growing in geometry, electronic currency has shown huge development potential. Electronic money really can replace the traditional currency as legal tender, the problem of the research on the development of electronic money and risk prevention has become an important topic. In this paper, the nature of the risk of electronic money, electronic currency development course and current are studied and analyzed in detail, and put forward the solution according to the different risk. First of all, this paper shows the development of electronic trading in the past ten years, has laid the foundation for the development of electronic money and risk analysis. Electronic trading market determines the size of the current situation of the development of electronic currency; the electronic trading market scale growth rate determines the development potential of electronic money. Secondly, this paper briefly expounds the evolution process of the analysis of the necessity of currency, electronic money from a historical perspective. Then, the electronic currency has carried on the detailed analysis, including the concept of electronic money, types, characteristics and functions. Thirdly, this paper analyzes the development course and the present situation of China's electronic currency, based on national conditions, analysis of the characteristics of electronic money in our environment and the existing problems. Finally, this paper analyzes several major risks faced by the electronic money, and put forward feasible solutions according to the different risk.


과학과 기술의 진보 및 급속한 인터넷의 보급은 새로운 형태의 화폐인 전자화폐를 창출하였다. 전자화폐는 이제 일상적으로 실생활에서 쓰이고 있으며, 전통적인 종이화폐에 영향을 미치고 있고, 온라인 거래규모가 매우 커졌기 때문에 거대한 발전 잠재력을 가지고 있다. 전자화폐는 실제로 일정한 비율로 전통적인 종이화폐를 대체하고 있고, 따라서 전자화폐의 발전 및 위험방지에 대한 연구는 중요한 연구주제이다. 본 연구에서는 전자화폐 위험의 본질과 전자화폐 발전방향 및 현황에 대해서 상세하게 살펴보고, 다양한 위험에 대한 해결책을 제시한다.


 I. 绪论
 II. 电子货币的概述
 III. 我国电子货币的发展实践
 IV. 风险分析及其防范措施
 V. 总结与展望


  • Zeng-Jun Sun Professor, Namseoul University
  • Shuo Zhang Shandong Normal University


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