A Survey on Popular Human Factors in Agile Environment



Various studies have proven that human is the biggest challenge in the process of transitioning to agile. Culture and mindset are two critical elements of human factors causing issues in agile environment. This study involved thirty-two (32) agile practitioners from nineteen (19) country to validate the issues from human factors. The purpose of the study is to discover human factors that required more attention and factors that give a low impact on the agile environment. Furthermore, this paper presents research analysis on some of popular human factors such as collaboration, hierarchy, communication and other critical factors which company may face. The results of this analysis can be used as a guide for IT organization to consider the critical challenges they may encounter.


 1. Introduction
 2. Literature Review
 3. Research Analysis
  3.1 Hierarchy
  3.2 Transparency
  3.3 Control
  3.4 Hinder
  3.5 Collaboration
  3.6 Communication
 4. Discussion
 5. Conclusion


  • Faten Alia Zainal Abidin Faculty of Computing, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Johor Bahru, Malaysia
  • Imran Ghani School of Information Technology, Monash University Malaysia, Bandar Sunway, Malaysia


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