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모델 기반 시스템 공학 기법을 통한 통신 데이터 모델 설계에 관한 연구


On a model-based systems engineering approach to the communication data model design

박훈, 유영규, 한광수, 심상현

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Industrial automation field has been focused on the development of a single product efficiency, size and price. Recent integration and convergence at the center of the manufacturing industry through the Internet of Things mutual communication between systems and production equipment and products are opening up new possibilities. However, the communication section to communicate information to the customer than so far on this market trend is the relative lack of interest. Because of this it is difficult to develop apparatus to a communication method different from each other to collect information for each product. Therefore, through the standardization of a communication system to derive the standard communication technology-based communication data model. To derive a model to build a mutual communication system between production equipment and products. To ensure connectivity through the system construction, it is necessary to perform an optimization of the entire production process. In this paper, we use the model-based systems engineering and reverse engineering techniques. By analyzing the existing data communication related artifacts, describes the contents of the communication data on the basis of the model obtained the standardized result.


 I. 서 론
 II. 모델기반 시스템공학 기법을 활용한 통신 데이터 모델링 표준화의 필요성
  1. 통신 데이터 모델링 표준화의 필요성
  2. 통신 데이터 모델 설계를 위한 표준화 프로세스 구축 시 모델기반 시스템공학 기법의 필요성
 Ⅲ. 통신 데이터 모델 설계를 위한 표준화프로세스 수립
  1. 통신 데이터 모델 설계를 위한 표준 프로세스
  2. SysML을 통한 통신 데이터 모델 설계
 Ⅳ. 결 론


  • 박훈 Hoon Park. LS산전(주) System Network 연구팀 책임 연구원
  • 유영규 Young-Gyu Yu. LS산전(주) system Network 연구팀 책임 연구원
  • 한광수 Kwang-Soo Han. LS산전(주) System Network 연구팀 팀장
  • 심상현 Sang-Hyun Shim. SPID 프로세스사업본부 책임연구원


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