한류 드라마의 흐름과 성공 요인 재고 - <사랑이 뭐길래>, <겨울연가>, <대장금>, <별에서 온 그대>를 대상으로


Rethinking of the Trends and Success-factors of Korean Wave Dramas - focusing on <Love What is this>, <Winter Sonata>, <Dae Jang Guem> and <My Love from a Star>


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, and are the most successful Korean dramas abroad. Recently, which has been newly caused the Korean drama boom in China begins to succeed the abroad success of Korean dramas. According to the common opinion of Korea and Chinese researchers, the cause of the great success of the Korean drama seems that they were well represented the traditional values such as familism or filial piety. However, unlike the previous three dramas the last is not applied to the logic. These four dramas stand out traditional narrative grammar to mediate a common contradiction and the protagonist to aspire to premodern society’s value or attitude. is seeking the coexistence of men and women under the antinomic situation and collision of family values between the modern and pre-modern. The male protagonist of is a combination of incompatible qualities and this drama extremely seeks to romantic idealism and stereotypic exotericism. actively utilizes the fact of history as background and simultaneously introduces the traditional female heroic narrative into the most powerful male’s world. By doing so, this drama stands out fictional imagination. is based on the assumption both impossibility in on time and space and describes the extraordinary encounter and love between a man and alien beings from outer space. In addition to this, the hero and heroine of the Drama are in the latest fashion and have sophisticated qualities but they have a conservative and traditional values at the same time. The success of these dramas show that our lives are often exposed to the contradictions and we hope to escape from the situations and heal the wounds in this world through well packaged traditional narratives.


1. 서론
 2. 한류 드라마의 흐름과 성공 요인
 3. 새로운 한류 드라마의 등장
 4. 한류 드라마 성공의 공통점
 5. 결론을 대신하여


  • 오세정 Oh, Se-jeong. 충북대 국어국문학과


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