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Genjimonogatari uses as a main method of forming the relationship between characters and its theme. This paper investigated the expressed through the relationship between Genji, Tamakazura and between Ominokimi, Naidaijin and between Naidaijin, Omiya. The issue of in Genjimonogatari can be viewed from the perspective of the development of the story, the way of molding characters, and its theme. The narrative of shown in the relationship between Genji and Tamakazura highlights the uniqueness of their relationship. It is worth noting that Genji’s lust is depicted from the buddist perspective. The narrative of revealed from the relationship between Naidaijin and Ominokimi has the function of caricaturing their relationship. And it plays the role of highlighting the contradictory state of Naidaijin. Naidaijin‘s disloyalty to Omiya is closely related to the political rivalry between Naidaijin and Genji. Contrasted with deeply loyal Yugiri, Naidaijin clearly demonstrates the worldliness of a man of power.


1. はじめに
 2. 平安時代の<孝>の様相と『源氏物語』
 3. 光源氏と玉鬘・内大臣と近江の君における<孝>
 4. 内大臣の人物造型における<不孝>の位相
 5. おわりに


  • 金裕千 김유천. 祥明大学校 日本語文学科 教授, 日本文学


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