일본신화가 한국사회에 끼친 영향-경북 고령과 「기기(記紀)」의 만남을 중심으로-



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This article is about the Gocheonwonje(高天原祭) in Goryeong. Goryeong was postulated as Imnailbonbu(任那日本府) during the Japan colonial period and also, several memorials were built by the Japan. As the descendants of the resplendent culture of the Gaya’s dynasty, it was a humiliating incident for the Goryeong people. In the way of recovering their pride, they used Japanese myth for the attacking theory. According to their theory, the location of the Gocheonwon is the Goryeong, therefore Japanese royal family is the descendants of the Goryeong. By theorizing and ritualizing, they wanted to advertise Goryeong as the national pride. In a bid to these movement Gocheonwon was built in the Gaya university and holding Gocheonwonje every spring. They are holding conference with Korean-Japanese co-ceremony during the Gocheonwonje. Therefore, Gochenwonje is the newly created tradition by the Goryeong residents. In addition, the fact that Goryeong continuously mentions connection between Japanese myth and Goryeong region, some parts of the myth settled local society. But, their statement of the Gocheonwon theory has little objectivity. And Gocheonwon movement has tendency on led by the one person. This is why we cannot predict how this movement changes. Therefore, we need to observe closely on the changes.


1. 머리말
 2. 고령과 임나일본부의 만남
 3. 일본신화와 새로운 만남을 시도한고령인
 4. 고령에 이식되는 일본신화
 5. 마무리


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