일본 나가사키현 미가와치 부산신사의 신이 된 조선여인



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This paper aims to examine Goryeo Grandmother (Kouraibaba) who is worshippedas a Busan Shrine goddess of Mikawachi, Sasebo city on the basis of A Short Recordof Mikawachi Pottery and A Chronicle of Hirado Pottery possessed by MatsuraHistorical Museum. She must have been born in Busan or Ungcheon, and kidnappedby Japanese soldiers while doing laundry outside during Imjin War. She lived inNakano of Hirado, and acquired the craft of pottery-making. And she got marriedwith but lost her husband in her early years. Since then she lived with her son inMikawachi to make tea-bowls and her descendants became government potters. Her lineal descendants inherited her family name of Nakazato, while her collateralchildren were divided into several branch names of Yokoisi, Satomi and Hurukawa. The number of her descendants is the highest among the current potters ofMikawachi. She was pretty broad-minded surpassing a male person. In her lateryears she continued to master the craft and skills of pottery-making, and acquiredthe nick-name of “Goryeo Grandmother” (Kouraibaba) by encouraging young people. And she lived long to be one hundred and six years old. On the other hand, the old woman was a female potter and a female shaman atthe same time. This religious element worked so powerfully that she could be agoddess. She declared that her spirit after death would stay around Mikawachi withher own god to be a protecting guardian spirit for the kilns of her offspring. Inaccordance with the will of the late grandmother, people divinized the grandmotheras a goddess of Busan Shrine and held a memorial service for her, finally to bea goddess of Mikawachi. Her progeny still hold a memorial service here on the fourthof April. As far as the descendants' rites continue, she will remain eternal in Japanas a goddess of Busan Shrine of Mikawachi.


1. 머리말
 2. 왜군에 잡혀 일본으로 간 조선 소녀‘갓난이’
 3. 죽어서 신이 된 조선 여인
 4. 갓난이 후손들의 과거와 현재상
 5. 마무리


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