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홍암 나철 죽음의 대종교적 의미


Daejonggyo's meaning of death for Hong-am Na-cheol


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Daejonggyo's meaning of Hong-am(弘巖) Na-cheol(羅喆)' death is unique. First is significant, not personally murder of social suicide. Japanese imperialism preceded the Shinto(神道) tried to obliterate the identity of Joseon(朝鮮). And, it pursued through the completion of the colony. The center of resistance to the pressure that had Daejonggyo. And this is the key figure Na-cheol. To summarize Na-cheol' suicide is associated with social murder forced the wrong society. In addition, in order to wake the anti-Japanese struggle of his death, it was like 'devotes himself on the altar of the nation(肉身祭)'. After causing a Daejonggyo again, the national salvation movement due to appear every time Dan-gun(檀君) appeared again the crisis of the nation. Then, Daejonggyo is significant in that it gave the example of the show, total resistance, with the central role of the independence movement. Especially as the starting point of suicide Na-cheol our armed independence movement it spreads like fire. Finally, suicide is not a simple Na-cheol death. He died and was trying to become one with God and themselves to the perfection of the spirit. That's the 'Soon-myeong Jo-cheon (殉命朝天)'. Na-cheol was consistent with the self-discipline until his death. Done for him is the source of power in Daejonggyo defended the colonial period, was the index as a seeker to get away from the secular party. It showed that the power of life without the ability even to die there. For Daejonggyo, for God, for humanity he committed suicide.


1. 들어가면서
 2. 홍암 나철의 자결(自決)
 3. 홍암 나철 죽음의 대종교적 의미
  (1) 사회적 타살로서의 나철의 죽음
  (2) 육신제 (肉身祭)로서의 나철의 죽음
  (3) 순명조천(殉命朝天)으로서의 나철의 죽음
 4. 나아가면서


  • 김동환 Kim dong-hwan. [사] 국학연구소 연구원


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