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홍암 나철과 한국철학 - 『신리대전』에 관한 철학적 소고 -


Hong-Am Na-Chul, and Korean Philosophy : Philosophical Consideration as to 'Shin-Li Daejun'


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As which existence did Na-Chul understand Haneol Nim (indicates God)? We can see that understanding Haneol Nim as tritheistic idea - Hanim, Hanwoong, Hangum - is establishing historical traditionality of Daejonggyo and highlighting the independence of national spirit against foreign culture. Also, he deepened it as Samil (Three-One) Philosophy by explaining the existing Haneol idea as the relationship between body and action. Haneol duty IS not objectively exposed to be objectified, but exposed through Haneol people who accumulated Haneol duty. Haneol people is the model of all people. So, Daejonggyo cannot be an inconsistent religion. The faith toward Haneol is not to go to good place after death, but to enshrine in the end by achieving Haneol duty. Through Haneol, human being inheres in integrity, and through independent awareness, namely asceticism the inherent integrity ts exposed as reality. Probably, Na-Chul would highlight the oneness with Haneol by spreading Haneol and sanctity of human being, and ultimately accumulating Haneol. Harmony, edification and discipline for the people are not just available for transcendent Haneol site, but meaningful through the realization of the individual in this world. Also, Na-Chul would highlight that the realization of the world based on reason is not just from the faith, but through only human' s independent selection and practical asceticism. Haneol Nim whom Na -Chul tried to explain in 'Shin-Li Daejun' has a big meaning in the relationship with human being. So, in a century later from the day when Na-Chul was enshrined, Samil philosophy, which explain Haneol Nim to us in these days, can be still alive philosophy.


1. 서론
 2. 「신위(?位)」: 한얼 자리
 3. 「신도(?道)」 : 한얼 도리
 4. 「신인(?人)」 : 한얼 사람 
 5. 「신교(?敎)」 : 한얼 교화  
 6. 결론


  • 이승호 Lee seung-ho. 국제뇌교육종합대학원대학교 교수


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