Collagen, Niacinamide, Adenosine을 함유한 안면 마스크의 피부 개선 효과


The Effect of Skin Improvement of Facial Mask Pack Containing Collagen, Niacinamide, Adenosine


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This study is an analysis of changes in skin conditions of female college students in their early 20s, before and after using facial masks, to see the effects of different types of facial masks. Gel type, sheet type, and cream type masks that contain ingredients such as 1% of vegetable collagen, 2% of niacin amide, 0.04% of adenosine were applied on 6 people each, thus, upon a total of 18 people. Skin analysis was conducted to objectively evaluate the changes in the amount of moisture containment, pore, pigmentation, and wrinkles before and after applying mask packs once a week for 30 minutes in a duration of 4 weeks that contained 1% of vegetable collagen which is a moisturizing ingredient, 2% of niacin amide which is a whitening ingredient, and 0.04% of adenosine which has anti-wrinkle effect. As a result of application for 4 weeks, For the analysis of the moisture was shown to exhibit a statistically significant difference in the type (F=18.699, p<0.001), moisturizing effect of the Gel mask is the greatest. The analysis of the pores was shown to exhibit a statistically significant difference in the type (F=3.687, p<0.05), pore tightening effect of the gel mask and cream mask was good. However, with regards to measurement of pigmentation and wrinkles, they weren't proved to be effective. Such results were due to short testing time period, thus, if the testing is conducted for more than 8 weeks, it is considered that there will be more skin improvements.


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  5. 색소침착에 대한 분석
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  • 엄미선 Um, Mi Sun. 장안대학교 뷰티디자인과


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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