Propylene Glycol Monomethyl Ether의 생물학적 지표에 관한 연구


Study on Biological indices of Propylene Glycol Monomethyl Ether

함으뜸, 윤주송, 엄민용, 유호영, 임정연, 이강명, 조영봉

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The aim of this study is to develope an analytical method for propylene glycol monomethy1 ether(PGME) and 1,2-propylene glycol(PG) in biological fluid by derivatization using benzoyl chloride using GC/FID/MSD. The detection limits of PGME and PG are 4.02ppm and 1.25ppm, respectively. Reproducibilities of derivatization of PGME and PG are 99.0±4.9 and 98.0±4.8 with 4.5%(n=5) of pooled coefficient variation(pooled CV) Benzoylation of PGME and PG are quantitatively performed by the reaction of 522nmol of PGME and 163umol of benzoyl chloride, and 527nmol of PG and 734umol of benzoyl chloride in a mixture of 1ml of 2M NaOH aqueous solution and 1ml of n-hexan. The reactions are completed within 30 minutes. The relative weight response of PG dibenzoate is 4.71 times higher than PGME benzoate by GC/FID. The formations of PGME benzoate and PG dibenzoate in spiked human urine and rat urine which were adrmnistered lml of PGME were confirmed by GC/FID/MSD. The relative weight response of PGME benzoate to PG dibenzoate of first-day rat urine is 3.01-5.50 times(weight ratio) higher, and 0.18-1.95 times higher at following day.


 I. 서 론
 II. 실험 재료 및 방법
  1. 실험 기기 및 시약
  2. 분석 방법
 III. 실험 결과
  1. PGME benzoate와 PG dibenzoate의 합성 및 확인
  2. PGME및 PG의 추출 용매 선정
  3. 유도체화 반응에서의 NaOH 농도 선정
  4. 유도체화 반응에서의 Benzoyl chloride양 선정
  5. 유도체화 반응에서의 용매 선정
  6. 표준 용액 중 PGME benzoate및 PG dibenzoate의 GC/MSD에 의한 확인
  7. 반응시간 별 PGME benzoate및 PG dibenzoate의 생성율
  8. PGME benzoate및 PG dibenzoate의 검량선
  9. PGME 및 PG의 검량선
  10. 재현성의 확인
  11. 요의 분석
 IV. 고 찰
 V. 결 론


  • 함으뜸 Eu-Teum Hahm. 경희대학교 의과대학 생리학교실
  • 윤주송 Ju-Song Yun. 연세대학교 환경공학부 산업ㆍ환경위해성평가 연구실
  • 엄민용 Min-Young Uhm. 연세대학교 환경공학부 산업ㆍ환경위해성평가 연구실
  • 유호영 Ho-Young Yu. 연세대학교 환경공학부 산업ㆍ환경위해성평가 연구실
  • 임정연 Jeung-Youn Lim. 연세대학교 환경공학부 산업ㆍ환경위해성평가 연구실
  • 이강명 Kang-Myoung Lee. 연세대학교 환경공학부 산업ㆍ환경위해성평가 연구실
  • 조영봉 Young-Bong Cho. 연세대학교 환경공학부 산업ㆍ환경위해성평가 연구실


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