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여름철 표고 톱밥재배의 고온환경조절이 버섯생산성 향상에 미치는 영향


Effects of productivity of Lentinula edodes according to the control of high-temperature environment in summer

김인엽, 김선철, 노종현, 최선규, 이원호, 고한규, 박흥수, 구창덕

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In the structural investigation of cultivation facilities, the proportion of farmers to grown with double or triple structure were investigated 96%. It has been shown to grow with a stable cultivation facilities structure against environmental changes. The results of the analysis of the changes in the cultivation environment of Yeoju area in July-august, temperature and humidity of the external instrument shelter was 20.2~29.9oC and 66.2~99.9% respectively. In the greenhouse 2 model capable of temperature environment regulation in the cultivation facility, temperature and humidity were investigated 19.3~25.7oC and 81.6~99.9% respectively. Result of the survey of fruiting body characteristics and yields in the greenhous 2, pileus diameter and stipe length were investigated 66.2 and 54.1 mm, yield of mushroom and individual weight were 312 g and 26.6 g. High-temperature environment regulation shows the improvement of the quality and productivity of the mushroom. Power consumption of the air conditioning has been investigated using 56kwh/day, electricity costs were calculated 2195 won/day.


 재료 및 방법
 결과 및 고찰


  • 김인엽 In-Yeop Kim. 산림조합중앙회 산림버섯연구센터
  • 김선철 Seon-Cheol Kim. 산림조합중앙회 산림버섯연구센터
  • 노종현 Jong-Hyun Noh. 산림조합중앙회 산림버섯연구센터
  • 최선규 Sun-Gyu Choi. 산림조합중앙회 산림버섯연구센터
  • 이원호 Won-Ho Lee. 산림조합중앙회 산림버섯연구센터
  • 고한규 Han-Gyu Ko. 산림조합중앙회 산림버섯연구센터
  • 박흥수 Heung-Soo Park. 산림조합중앙회 산림버섯연구센터
  • 구창덕 Chang-Duk Koo. 충북대학교 산림학과


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