자폐성 장애아동을 위한 치료 환경의 감성디자인요소 적용 현황에 관한 연구


Study about apply sensibility design element to treatment circumstances for autistic children

조명민, 정아영, 공순구

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This study has a purpose to make foundation data of study of autistic children's treatment circumstances, which makes autistic children's treatment circumstances can be utilized in educational and therapeutic ways. Method of study is suggesting the analysis tools of sensibility design element by theory consideration, based on them, and conducting of survey and analysis about four treatment center which is treating autistic children and proved the treatment circumstances in 5years among the small scale treatment center. As the result, in case of finishing materials, even though the treatment rooms were for autistic handicapped people ,who have keen hearing, it did't have suited physical environment which should be necessary even in normal treatment room. The windows size were almost fitted and generally blinds which should have controled amount of light. In case of color, though the autistic handicapped have feature, obsessive personality, patterned wallpaper was used without consideration. The light should be improved most seriously because only few of treatment centers were using dimmer switch which can stabilize autistic children's emotion. The furnitures, which should have round edge, were well planned to stimulate curiosity and progress favorably the curriculum by low-opening closet.


 Ⅰ. 서론
 Ⅱ. 이론적 고찰
  1. 자폐성 장애아동 치료센터
  2. 자폐성 장애아동의 특성
  3. 자폐성 장애아동의 치료 환경
  4. 소결
 Ⅲ. 자폐성 장애아동의 치료실 현황 분석
  1. 자폐성 장애아동의 치료실 현황 개요
  2 자폐성 장애아동의 치료실 현황
  3. 자폐성 장애아동의 치료실 현황 분석
 Ⅳ. 결론


  • 조명민 Cho, Myoung-Min. (주)밀리그램 대표, 건축공학석사
  • 정아영 Jung, A-Young. 제주한라대학교 산업디자인전공 조교수, 공학박사
  • 공순구 Kong, Soon-Ku. 홍익대학교 건축도시대학원 부교수, 공학박사


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