제품개발역량과 IT역량이 융합능력을 통해 신제품개발성과에 미치는 영향



Recently, Korea's economy is facing a period of the creative economy to create ICT convergence industry through values of creativity and new ideas. With the increasing trend of globalization and individualization, technological applications of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) are rapidly changing. In order to respond to rapid environmental change, most enterprises are continuing to improve organizational performance, by integrating the organization's resources with scanning for critical environmental change. From the resource-based view (RBV), firms with abundant organizational resources can continue surviving and developing because of their strong competitive advantage, regardless of external environmental changes. However, RBV holds a limitation that retainment of firm's core resources represents a better strategy than continuously adjusting firm's business activities to match environmental changes. This study suggests a research model to identify the relationship between product development competence, IT competence and new product development performance through convergence capabilities.


 선행연구 및 가설설정
  자원기반이론과 핵심역량이론
  동적능력과 융합능력
  신제품 개발 성과
 연구조사 설계
  연구변수의 조작적 정의 및 측정항목
  실증분석 방법


  • 최상민 동국대학교 경영계열 경영학부
  • 문태수 동국대학교 경영계열 경영학부


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