【특집논문】한-EU FTA에서의 지적재산권 쟁점

한ㆍEU FTA에서 상표 및 디자인 분야의 쟁점


Contending Issues of Korea-EU FTA in the field of Trademark and Design Protection


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FTA negotiations between Korea and EU including intellectual property matters are expected to be concluded within a few months. This article is to briefly review on the contending issues of Korea-EU FTA in the field of trademark and design protection. This article firstly studies issues regarding design protection having a legal controversy. For example, ⅰ) design protection requirements of individual character ⅱ) protection of the unregistered community design(UCD) ⅲ) whether including stocking for infringement ⅳ) How to reject or invalidate the design application conflicting with prior copyright ⅴ) a cumulative protection by the design right and the copyright ⅵ) adhere to standards of Geneva Act of the Hague Agreement Concerning the International Registration of Industrial Designs Further, this article is to address issues concerning the trademark protection. Under the FTA negotiations between Korea and EU, each party is required to adhere to the standards of Singapore Treaty on the Law of Trademarks. In order to keep them by the Korean trademark law system properly, required issues are discussed for a desirable directions to the revision of the Korean trademark law.


Ⅰ. 서설
  1. 들어가며
  2. 상표 및 디자인 관련 주요 쟁점과 논의 범위
 Ⅱ. 디자인보호 관련 쟁점 사항에 대한 고찰
  1. EU의 디자인 보호체제 및 관련 국제조약 가입현황
  2. EU측의 디자인분야 요구사항의 개요
  3. EU의 제 1쟁점요구 사항:특이성(Individual Character) 요건
  4. EU의 제 2쟁점요구 사항; 미등록디자인 보호제도
  5. 제 3쟁점 요구사항; 부여 권리의 보호범위
  6. 제 4쟁점 요구사항; 저작권과 저촉되는 디자인의등록무효 또는 거절과 중복보호
  7. 제 5쟁점: 디자인권과 저작권에 의한 중복보호 문제
  8. 제 6쟁점 요구사항; 신헤이그 협정 준수
 Ⅲ. 상표 보호 관련 쟁점사항에 대한 검토
  1. EU의 상표관련 국제조약 가입현황과상표보호 체제 개요
  2. EU측 요구사항의 개요
  3. EU의 상표관련 제2 요구사항; 싱가폴 상표법개정조약(06.3.) 준수의무
  4. 제3 요구사항: 지리적표시 보호와 상표와의 관계
 Ⅳ. 맺으며


  • 김원오 Kim, Won-Oh. 인하대 법대 교수.


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