마라톤 참가자의 참여정도와 운동자각도, 몰입 및 운동지속참가와의 관계


Participation Level, Rating of Perceived Exertion, Exercise Commitment and Exercise Adherence of Marathon Participation

이양주, 김아람, 안근옥

피인용수 : 0(자료제공 : 네이버학술정보)



[PURPOSE] The purposes of this study were to identify the difference among rating of perceived exertion (RPE) of marathon enthusiasts, their exercise commitment, exercise adherence according to personal characteristics, and to verify the causal relationship among the variables of exercise commitment, and exercise adherence. [METHODS] The data were collected with purposive sampling from 360 marathon enthusiasts who have completed a full course marathon more than one time. With exclusion of 20 subjects due to missing survey or insincere responses. The data from 340 participants were analyzed by one-way ANOVA using SPSS WIN 18.0. [RESULTS] This study found following results. First, the participants who had lower participation rate had higher RPE. Second, as for exercise commitment according to RPE, light-moderate intensity group showed higher cognitive commitment and behavioral commitment than moderate-hard intensity group and very hard-maximal intensity group. [CONCLUSIONS] This study showed that the personal characteristics of a marathon participants are strongly related to RPE, exercise commitment, exercise adherence.


  참여정도에 따른 운동자각도의 차이
  운동자각도에 따른 운동몰입과 운동지속참가의 차이
 결론 및 제언


  • 이양주 Yang-Joo Lee. 단국대학교
  • 김아람 Ah-Ram Kim. 단국대학교
  • 안근옥 Keun-Ok An. 단국대학교


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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