Towards a Development of an Operational Process for Software Requirements: Case study application for Renewable Energy Software’s



This research study introduces the operationalization process for the requirements activity of software engineering discipline to build renewable energy projects. It describes a new development approach composed of three phase’s methodology to undertake the operationalization process combined with the development of an operational model. A theoretical implementation is provided in addition to the development of a practical implementation on a standalone photovoltaic system case study. Moreover, the author’s expect that this will help in a better understanding of the principles of software engineering, in the implementation of these principles for the development of renewable energy projects as well as to contribute to build the research knowledge of software engineering foundations.


 1. Introduction
 2. An Overview of the Related Work
  2.1 Bourque et al. 2002
  2.2 Xingu Wang 2007
  2.3 Normand Seguin et al.2010
  2.4 Meridji et al., 2010
 3. Research Objective
 4. The Development Approach of the Renewable Energy Projects using Software Engineering Principles
  4.1 Phase1: Identification of Requirements Operational Goals
  4.2 Phase2: Identification of the Operating Principles
 5. Operational Model: Requirements Engineering Process
 6. Theoretical Implementation
  6.1 Phase1: Identification of Requirements Operational Goals
  6.2 Phase 2: Identification of the Operating Principles
  6.3 Phase 3: Description of the Operational Steps
 7. Practical Implementation: Case Study
 8. Research Limitations
 9. Conclusion


  • Khalid T. Al-Sarayreh Department of Software Engineering, Hashemite University, Zarqa, 13115, Jordan
  • Kenza Meridji Department of Software Engineering, University of Petra, Amman, 11196, Jordan


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