상용차용 샌드위치 복합소재 패널의 구조시험 및 유한요소해석 평가


Evaluation on Structure Test and FEM Simulation for the Sandwich Composite Panel of Commercial Vehicle

이학성, 원종운, 허몽영, 윤재영, 이주영, 강신재

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Recently, the need of weight reduction has been required in automobile industry. In this paper, we aim to evaluate the composite sandwich panel to substitute original steel structure of commercial vehicle. The compressive and drum-peel tests were conducted to consider core materials and resin system of the sandwich panel. Based on the test, we decided the core reinforcement and matrix materials of the panel. As a result, the composite panel were composed of aluminum profile, glass fiber prepreg and aluminum honeycomb. We also confirmed the weight reduction ratio and structural safety compared to prior steel structure components by bending test and FEM simulation.


 1. 서론
 2. 시험편제작 및 시험조건
  2.1 허니콤 샌드위치 복합소재 시험편 제작
  2.2 샌드위치 복합소재 단품시험
  2.3 복합소재 굽힘시험
  2.4 기초물성 및 해석조건
 3. 시험 및 해석 결과
  3.1 샌드위치패널 코어재선정 시험결과
  3.2 굽힘시험 결과
  3.3 굽힘해석(FEM) 결과
 4. 결론


  • 이학성 H. S. Lee. Korea Institute of Carbon Convergence Technology
  • 원종운 J. W. Won. Dept. of Automotive Mechanical Engineering, Howon University
  • 허몽영 M. Y. Huh. Korea Institute of Carbon Convergence Technology
  • 윤재영 J. Y. Yoon. Korea Institute of Carbon Convergence Technology
  • 이주영 J. Y. Lee. Hankook Body Co., LTD (HKB)
  • 강신재 S. J. Kang. Shinjae Kang, Chonbuk National University


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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