보조공학전공 근로자들의 직무스트레스 요인과 사회심리적 스트레스에 관한 연구


A Study on the Job Stress and Psychosocial Wellbeing Index of Industrial Workers with Assistive Technology Major


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In the perspective of industrial health management, it is important for the employee to decrease their job stress, to improve their productivity and quality of labor. In this study, the job stress, and it's influence on PWI(Psychosocial Wellbeing Index) were investigated by the questionnaire survey of 138 industrial workers who had studied assistive technology in college. The contents of questionnaire consist of the demographic characteristics, job-related characteristics, job stress and psycho-social stress. We evaluated job stress by KOSS-SF(Korean Occupational Stress Scale-Sort Form) and psychosocial stress by PWI-SF(Psychosocial Well-being Index-Short Form). To analyze the results, we evaluated the exposure level of KOSS and PWI by demographic characteristics and job-related characteristics using significance tests. Also, we estimated the relationship among demographic characteristics, job-related characteristics, job stress and psychosocial stress, using correlation analysis. As a results, all workers were found to be in a group under the high risky stress. It showed that the scale index of female's job non-autonomy and pwi were much larger than those of male's. Therefore, to guarantee job autonomy of female workers should be more emphasized, to improve their working environment. Job type had significant relationships with many job stress category; physical environment, job demand, job instability and organization culture. Regarding pwi, the scale index of the workers who is in charge of the civil service such as contacting the disabled and the aged in person, were much larger than that of the other workers. Accordingly, the job stress management program including physical environment, job demand, job instability and organization culture, should be suggested, to decrease the stress of the workers in charge of the disabled and the elders service. The strongest predictors of pwi was organization system through maximum positive relations between organization system and pwi. Therefore, it indicates that improvement of organization system such as a fair merit rating, a manpower supply, demand plan and department cooperation is urgently needed to reduce pwi.


 1. 서론
 2. 연구모형과 방법
 3. 결과 분석
  3.1 조사 대상자의 특성
  3.2 직무스트레스 영역 특성
  3.3 사회심리적 스트레스요인 평가
  3.4. 직무스트레스영역에 따른 사회심리적 스트레스 평가
 4. 결론
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  • 곽효연 Kwak Hyo Yean. 수원과학대학교 산업경영과


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