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영국의 약사교육체계와 국가면허 시험제도 연구 : England 와 Wales지역을 중심으로


Study of the UK Pharmacy Education and the Pharmacy Registration Assessment : In England and Wales


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Pharmacy education and training is continuously evolving to meet the requirement from the society in the UK. Most pharmacy schools offer the Master of pharmacy degree which is a four year undergraduate programme followed by a year of pre-registration placement spanning a year supervised by a professional pharmacist who has at least 3 years' post-registration experience; however, some universities provide either a 5-year sandwich course where the pre-registration training is split up into two periods of 6 months or a 2-year OSPAP programme for those who are already qualified as a pharmacist outside of the UK. The GPhC has announced that the format of the registration assessment is set to change in 2016. The exam questions from 2016 will be more clinical, practical and based around a patient in a real-life scenario. This article addresses important aspects of UK pharmacy education such as university curriculum, training programme, and licence exam, therefore, could potentially offer a significant contribution to the debate about raising academic standards of pharmacy education in South Korea.


 정규 대학교육 과정(pharmacy student)
 수련 과정(Pre-registration training programme)
 약사면허 국가시험(Pharmacy registration assessment)
 고찰 및 결론


  • 김윤정 Yun Jung Kim. University Southampton Hospital NHS Foundation Trust


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