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조선후기 대하소설에 나타난 일상 - <완월회맹연>을 중심으로


The Every Day Life in Roman-fleuve of Joseon


국문학회 국문학연구 제13호 2005.06 pp.33-56
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This study is on the every day Me reflected in roman-fleuve of Joseon, especially in Wanwoel-Hwaimaengyuen(완월회맹연). In Wanwoel, the narrative focuses on the character's family and their every day life. The flow of time and organization of space, and character's daily work is discoursed in detail. Regardless of its historical setting Ming dynasty, the daily life reflected in Wanwoel, is similar to the real life of Joseon's people. But they is not exactly same, because it is not history, but fiction. The every life of Wanwoel is not the real life, but the life that Joseon's people wanted to live. Contrary to modern novel in that daily life reflects estranged life of an individual, Joseon's novel narrates the daily life in that a individual is tied up to family, so a individual in Joseon's novel is happy. The difference is not just from the difference of age of generation. The basic cause is the difference of function of novel. Roman-fleuve of Joseon was not literati's work, but was solace or good pastime like modern film or soap-drama.


 2.<완월회맹연>을 통해 본 일상
  2.1. 시공간
  2.2. 인물행위
 3. 소설에 나타한 일상의 의미
 4. 결론


  • 이지영 Yi, Ji-young. 아주대


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