정종대 상왕 태조의 임어와 개성 덕수궁



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Examined in this article is how Grand king Taejo(太祖) and the sitting king Jeongjong(定宗) came to stay in Gaeseong, due to a capital transfer decided and imple-mented by Jeongjong himself, who was enthroned as a result of the first rebellion of the princes. Also examined is how the power and status of king Taejong(太宗), who newly rose to power because of the second rebellion of the princes, was affected by Taejo’s movements and locations, as well as how the relationship among all three figures continued to fluctu-ate. Right after his enthronement, Jeongjong returned the capital to Gaeseong, with the intention of preventing any more political turmoil from happening, but Founder king Taejo did not agree with that decision. In a gesture of protest, Taejo refused to stay at Suchang-gung(壽昌宮) where Jeongjong was staying, and chose to stay at the Chudong Bon’gung(楸洞本宮) instead, to put a distance between his son and himself. After the sec-ond rebellion of the princes, Taejo helped his other son Taejong consolidate his(Taejong’s) new power, and released Chudong Bon’gung. Then he secured a new title(Deoksu-gung[德壽宮]) for his earlier residence, which was in front of the Sung’in-mun(崇仁門) gate, and re-initiated his political activities by greeting foreign envoys visiting Joseon. After King Taejong was enthroned, the Suchang-gung palace where Jeongjong was stay-ing was incinerated by a fire, and Chudong Bon’gung where Taejong was staying after Taejo released it to him, continued to be repaired as the Main palace(正宮), and was finalized as new the Gyeongdeok-gung(敬德宮) palace.


Ⅰ. 머리말
 Ⅱ. 정종의 開城 還都와 태조의 楸洞本宮 臨御
  1. 정종의 개성 환도와 태조의 臨御 상황
  2. 태조의 추동본궁 임어와 그 배경
 Ⅲ. 태종의 楸洞本宮 臨御와 德壽宮 건립
  1. 태종의 추동본궁 임어와 태조의 역할
  2. 태종의 德壽宮 건립과 穆淸殿
  3. 추동본궁의 확장과 敬德宮 수립
 Ⅳ. 맺음말


  • 윤정 Yoon, Jeong. 진주교육대학교 조교수


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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