Case Report

오십견이 있는 53세 여성환자에게 견갑골 안정화 운동 적용 후 견부 통증, 능동관절가동범위, 견갑골의 위치 변화에 미치는 영향 - 사례연구


A Case Study of a 53-year-old Female Patient with Frozen Shoulder for Effect of Scapular Stabilizing Exercise on Shoulder Pain, Active Range of Motion and Position of Shoulder Blade


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Background: The research examined the effect of a scapular stabilizing exercise on shoulder pain, active range of motion (AROM) and changes in the position of the shoulder blade of patients with frozen shoulder. Methods: General physical therapy and a scapular stabilizing exercise were applied to a 53-year-old female patient with frozen shoulder three times a week for four weeks. Before and after the therapy, measurements were made on the visual analog scale (VAS) and of the AROM, and a lateral scapular slide test was conducted. Results: Following the therapy, VAS fell from 7 to 3. Before therapy, flexion, abduction, internal rotation, and external rotation recorded 133°, 102°, 45°, and 53° respectively; after the therapy they increased to 150°, 123°, 55°, and 65° respectively. The lateral scapular slide test showed sliding distances before therapy of 8.5㎝ at 0°, 9.2㎝ at 45°, and 11.3㎝ at 90°; after therapy, the distances decreased to 6.8 ㎝ at 0°, 8.2 ㎝ at 45°, and 9㎝ at 90°. Conclusion: The scapular stabilizing exercise was effective in alleviating shoulder pain, increasing AROM, and reducing changes in the position of the shoulder blade of frozen shoulder patients.


 I. 서론
 II. 연구방법
  1. 연구대상자
  2. 측정방법
  3. 치료방법
 III. 결과
  1. 시각적 상사 척도의 변화
  2. 능동 관절가동범위
  3. 측방 견갑골 활주 검사
 IV. 고찰
  1. 견갑골 안정화 운동과 통증의 관계
  2. 견갑골 안정화 운동과 능동 관절가동범위와의 관계
  3. 견갑골 안정화 운동과 측방 견갑골 활주 검사와의 관계


  • 정민근 Min-keun Jung. 바로서기 운동센터


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