A Soicolinguistic Study on Language-Mixing : In Case of Korean-American Advertising


Changyong Yang

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Yang, Changyong. 2015. A Sociolinguistic Study on Language-Mixing: In Case of Korean-Merican Advertising. Journal of Linguistic Studies 20(1), 133-149. The main purpose of the present paper is to investigate the socio-cultural language factors which function as main elements that determine language-mixing in a Korean newspaper circulated in the KAC. The data for this study were drawn from a newspaper which is circulated among bilingual communities in the US in which Korean is widely used and English is also dominant. It is natural that under such conditions the English-mixed rate in advertisements in the newspaper be high, even though the amount of English in advertising varies with social factors. Therefore, an attempt has been made to see to what extent English is used in a bilingual community of an English-based country in terms of sociolinguistic factors. In doing so, it is expected that this study will serve a complementary function to previous studies. (Jeju National University)


 1. Introduction
 2. Review of previous studies
 3. Language-mixing
 4. Data and Methodology
 5. Analysis and discussion
  5.1 Preliminary analysis
  5.2 Language-Choice
  5.3 Language-mixing
 6. Conclusion


  • Changyong Yang Jeju National University


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