색채 및 조형적 시각에 의한 도시 환경 내 요소 아파트 수퍼그래픽디자인에 관한 연구


A Study on the Super Graphic Design for Apartment Housing in the Urban Environment by Colors and Formative Vision


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This study gropes for measures that apartment housing which is getting increased in number, and its super graphic which is one of fundamental visual factors, can coincide friendly with and convey to city-dwellers with a public meaning through the residential environment and local features of the super graphic. Also, since it is requisite to establish the harmonious relation between local communities and local self-governing communities in order to escape from the standardized urban environment and create the super graphic for apartment housing, which is harmonized with its surroundings and local features, this study analyzes the present status and evaluates the possibility of presenting more efficient measures. This study proposes the possibility to present the basic point to develop new urban cultures for making visually abundant urban environment, by developing several images, and fabricating and selecting experimental model apartments, in consideration with various histories by region and features of tourist attractions. It is judged that if applying the proposal of this study, more pleasant and beautiful urban environment in the side of formative aesthetic can be created.


 I. 서론
  1. 연구목적
  2. 연구범위 및 방법
 II. 슈퍼그래픽의 이론적 배겨
  1. 개요
  2. 슈퍼그래픽의 개념 및 역사
  3. 슈퍼그래픽의 특성 및 분석
 III. 아파트슈퍼그래픽에 대한 고찰
  1. 아파트의 등장
  2. 아파트슈퍼그래픽의 특성
  3. 아파트슈퍼그래픽의 기능
 IV. 아파트슈퍼그래픽 제작시 조건 및 시각적 요소 분석
  1. 개요
  2. 구성요소
  3. 주제를 표현하기 위한 시각적 요소
 V. 국내 아파트슈퍼그래픽 현황 분석 및 문제점
  1. 일반 현황
  2. 기타 문제점
 VI. 아파트슈퍼그래픽의 효율적인 활용방안 및 개선방향
 VII. 결론


  • 나인선 Na, In-sun. 혜천대학 사인광고디자인과


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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