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Maintaining employment and national pension linkage


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With Korea's population aging like advanced countries', we need to discuss about income insurance for the aged. The way for senior citizen to get old age social income is that an employment retention in which they get a job and earn a living by themselves and a social security in which they get a national pension to live. Their compulsory retiring age is 60 from 2016 which means senior citizen could keep working and make a gain by 60 maintaining employment. However, the age to get national annuity is over 65 where there would be no gain at the age from 60 to 64 after retirement. It is necessary to make a systematic complement for the aged to make a secure income in this no income period. Considering the labor market, the possibility is extremely rare for the advanced age 60-64 to be hired with the decreased demand of an older work force on top of youth unemployment. Therefore, they need to focus on maintaining income through social insurance in this term of no-gain. The system to preserve income of wokers over 60 is not only a basic pension to pay the cost of living for the poor but also a national pension providing by their earnings, an individual retirement pension and a personal pension. In spite of the fact that we have triple layer's income insurance systems like advanced countries, those pensions will not ensure incomes of the work force of the aged. With national insurance purchase rate is low and income replacement rate is under 50 %, there is always the risk of shortage of finance which causes a weak oldage social security. The number of people applying for retirement pension declined because it's not an obligation for workers to apply for it. We are not going to review and discuss about personal pension due to the great age who have the ability to join the national pension plan and pay it are not the people who is in the threat of survival. Our modern oldage security system for the old has a limit to support them anyway. Therefore supplement system is indeed necessary. We need to increase legal minimum wage and extend unemployment benefit duration after retirement at the age of 60. It is considered to be a short term but effective system. The time of retirement age and receiving their pension needs to meet with the operation of intergrated system in the long term like Sweden and Japan. And an additional revision is essential to level retirement age up or abolish the obligation to work only until the age of 60 which will lead to an continuous employment promotion.


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