중앙아시아 고려인 희곡에 나타난 삽입가요의 극적 맥락과 기능에 관한 연구 - 극작가 연성용의 창작 희곡과 자작 가요의 관련성을 중심으로 -


A study on the dramatic context and function of Central Asian Korean’s plays


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Yeon Seong-Yong is a Soviet Korean novelist and playwright. At the same time, he is also a poet and composer. He initially lived in Vladivostok. He was forced to Central Asia in 1937 and moved to Kazakhstan. He wrote mostly played works and he directed a play at ‘Korea theater’ in Central Asia. He announced two major works in 1970s. One is Children(1974), and the other is Storng women(1979). Children and Storng women are his masterpiece. He has directed two plays all at Korea theater in Central Asia. I studied the structure and aesthetics of two plays. Many songs were included in the two works and the songs was to perform a variety of functions in performing arts. This study examines the role of the insert songs of Children and Storng women, and the results are summarized in the paper.


1. 연구사 검토와 문제 제기
 2. <자식들>에 삽입된 창작가요의 의미
 3. <강직한 녀성>에 나타난 삽입가요의 구조와 기능
 4. 삽입가요의 기능과 위상
 5. 서정/서사의 융합과 전체/부분의 조화


  • 김남석 Kim, Nam-Seok. 부경대학교 국어국문학과 부교수


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