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최인훈 「구운몽」에 나타난 꿈의 구조 연구 - 심층심리학적 관점에서 프로이드와 융의 꿈 해석 작업을 중심으로


To analyze the structure of the dream appeared on “guunmong” of choeinhun


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Want to read the text as the title of this cover that in view of the implementation of a single post made ​​by the author of the dream, the novel is, as one example of a dream “guunmong”. This will be the most recognizable aspects of the dream motif is a novel opportunity to borrow a full understanding of the text as well. Chapter 1 is repeated nine kinds of poison troubled dream implies beginning, clashing, the reversal of the dream. Start of Dreams Anima is presented in a civil voice call invitation to ‘Labyrinth’ and the main character. From third parties, or receive as a harmonious and society through the steps required to implement and that unity and relationship to internal self-IS LOST anima in a task that is required to be distressful dock meeting sukgwa are met. But dreams are frustrated at the continuous and unexpected encounters with people who repeatedly kicked a getaway, costs clashing step aside as a dream becomes a complicated situation. The movement of unconscious psychological compensation for receiving citizens dream of being chased by the mob repeatedly hoping to judgment. The induction beoteonagil a spectator attitude for a period of time and people had to reserve judgment and LOST own personal inner reflection and guilt to a specific defect in the attitudes, ie. The social mask as he treats the social and age pereujona attitude taken by the citizens of the bladder. The more secured the self pereujona the other person to react to it, the unconscious anima becomes even more bidaehaejyeo ego craves for Anima is more intense. Celebrates the reversal of the situation in the sixth clashing dream dreams. The expansion in the direction lean crave Min-Min Sook Elena direction to crave well. Mothayeo recognize both the ladies and meeting reservations, and repeat ‘tremendous crush’ the Min nine dream, and it is shown as one of the Revolutionary toward people called substitution. Section 2 presents and to delay the ending part of a reorganization to censor dream consciousness is inserted. Hwanchi a company is in Chapter 1 is a pity transcript confused dream eye view will be the owner of Sober gimyonggil Dr. reason. This time is replaced by ‘faceless narrator’ talking the pain of death and age as a member beyond a one-to-one correspondence between the signifier and the group, citizens carcass. This is an expression of the collective unconscious, and uncovering the individual is no longer evident in the special inner circle of pain and despair, but also a symbol of rejuvenation and spring are born with the metabolism of the Nursing Department to identify with the sacrifice of his body, the 4.19 Revolution son. The last three chapters are given the ending of the dream to meet civil and bowed. The results of the maze acts as a combination of individual and age really pereujona and Anima, conscious and unconscious, wandering to find the Min Sook, a kiss of these. Can be interpreted as the lovers came to see this movie cause he Shipbuilding> the historical devastation and disorder characterized Province Seoul 1960. Will be established at this point of time contemplating the view as history interspersed despair and pain. But you can see that the artistic expression of hope experienced the pain was the situation after the last wish it to be overcome is the point of civil and time indicated in Chapter 3, when this work was presented to the union and the deliberative yeoteum 1960 historical contemplation. Such a transformation in the collective unconscious and was lurking round, integration of conscious and unconscious, unconscious of the individual experiencing the contemporary chaos, “guunmong” chapter each aspect of the dream - the implications blend self-realization via the contemplation. In addition, each chapter is reversed to that point viewers to view the old Seoul later to become the victims of political turmoil in the year before suffering a confusing subject object, Min. 1960 The age hardening, and thus the situation is gradually being won by a large variation in the time dream to aid in revealing the confusion and chaos of individual small dreams “guunmong” is.


Ⅰ. 서론
 Ⅱ. 꿈 발달 단계와 꿈 내용의 상징
  1. 꿈의 다섯 단계
  2. 독고민 서사의 상징
  3. 김용길 서사의 상징
  4. 민과 숙 서사의 상징
 Ⅲ. 꿈 구성의 미학적 구조
  1. 미학적 구성 법칙
  2. 시대현실의 확인
  3. 작가의식의 반영
 Ⅳ. 결론


  • 설혜원 Seol, Hea-won. 중앙대학교


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