한국 재래소 4개 품종에 대한 Y 염색체 특이 Haplogroup 분석


Y Chromosome-Specific Haplogroup in Four Korean Native Cattle Breeds

김재환, 서상원, 최성복, 변미정, 김영신, 이창우, 정경섭, 김은성, 배경훈, 조창연

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Cattle breeds were classified previously into three different haplogroups (Y1 and/or Y2 in Bos taurus and Y3 in B. indicus) based on Y chromosome-specific polymorphisms. In particular, a rapid and unambiguous classification method was reported recently. However, a haplogroup classification of Korean native cattle breeds has not been reported. In this study, 196 animal samples from four Korean native cattle breeds (Hanwoo, Chikso, Heugu, and Jeju black cattle) and six exotic breeds were used to determine the Y chromosome-specific haplogroup classification. We amplified an 81 bp indel region within intron 26 of the USP9Y gene and performed electrophoresis to classify the Y1 and Y2 haplogroups. Moreover, enzyme digestion was carried out with the SspI restriction enzyme to classify the Y2 and Y3 haplogroups. Finally, sequence variation in each haplogroup was confirmed by DNA sequencing. All animals in the four Korean native cattle and two exotic breeds (Charolais and Simmental) belonged to the Y2 haplogroup. Three other exotic breeds (Holstein, Angus, and Hereford) belonged to Y1 haplogroup. Japanese black cattle were divided into both the Y1 and Y2 haplogroups. The Y3 haplogroup corresponding to B. indicus was not found in this study. In conclusion, Korean native cattle breeds originated from B. taurus without introduction from B. indicus. In addition, they showed the same paternal heredity pattern which belonged to only Y2 haplogroup. These results can be used to investigate the origin of Korean native cattle breeds.


 I. 서론
 II. 재료 및 방법
  1. 공시재료 및 DNA 추출
  2. 증폭, 제한효소 처리 및 전기영동
  3. 염기서열 분석
 III. 결과
  1. Haplogroup 분류 방법 및 공시 시료
  2. 품종별 haplogroup 분류
  3. 염기변이 확인 및 신규변이 동정
 IV. 고찰
 V. 요약


  • 김재환 Jae-Hwan Kim. 농촌진흥청 국립축산과학원
  • 서상원 Sangwon Suh. 농촌진흥청 국립축산과학원
  • 최성복 Seong-Bok Choi. 농촌진흥청 국립축산과학원
  • 변미정 Mi-Jeong Byun. 농촌진흥청 국립축산과학원
  • 김영신 Young-Sin Kim. 농촌진흥청 국립축산과학원
  • 이창우 Chang Woo Lee. 강원도 축산기술연구센터
  • 정경섭 Kyoung-Sub Jung. 충북 축산위생연구소
  • 김은성 Eun Sung Kim. 전북 축산위생연구소
  • 배경훈 Kyoung Hun Bae. 제주 축산진흥원
  • 조창연 Chang-Yeon Cho. 농촌진흥청 국립축산과학원


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