팸 젬스(Pam Gems)와 캐릴 처칠(Caryl Churchill)의 작품을 통해 본 사회주의 여성주의 운동의 실패 극복하기


The Overcoming of Failure of Socialist Feminism in the Works of Pam Gems and Caryl Churchill


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This study focuses on the reason why the socialist feminism in England changed and was on the ebb, comparing two works: Dusa, Fish, Stas, and Vi by Pam Gems and Top Girls by Caryl Churchill. Both worried about the feminist problems, writing the works in the culminating period of feminism in England. It was because socialist feminism changed its characteristics, influenced by the theory of patriarchy in radical feminism, which stresses the rising of personal consciousness and sisterhood among women. Socialist feminism, on the contrary, insists that the main factor of women's oppression is the family of the class system in capitalism rather than the patriarchal system based on radical feminism. Although Pam Gems describes a socialist feminist in the work, she accepts the theory of patriarchy in socialist feminism and comes up with the solution: sisterhood. But it has been proved that females belonging to different class systems can not be united. Churchill strongly opposes to the bourgeois feminism and sisterhood, and considers that class problems have mainly caused a key role of women's oppression. She suggests that women's real liberation is possible when women aggressively struggle for the elimination of class systems. The revolutionary movement uniting all the working classes, including male workers, can only lead to the equal society without class difference. (Chosun University)




  • 우승정 Woo, Seungjeung. 조선대학교


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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