Baduk (the Game of Go) Improved Cognitive Function and Brain Activity in Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder


주의력결핍 과잉행동 장애 아동에서 바둑 학습을 통한 인지기능 개선 및 뇌 활성화 효과

Se Hee Kim, Doug Hyun Han, Young Sik Lee, Bung-Nyun Kim, Jae Hoon Cheong, Sang Ho Han

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Objective Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) symptoms are associated with the deficit in executive functions. Playing Go involves many aspect of cognitive function and we hypothesized that it would be effective for children with ADHD. Methods Seventeen drug naïve children with ADHD and seventeen age and sex matched comparison subjects were participated. Participants played Go under the instructor’s education for 2 hours/day, 5 days/week. Before and at the end of Go period, clinical symptoms, cognitive functions, and brain EEG were assessed with Dupaul’s ADHD scale (ARS), Child depression inventory (CDI), digit span, the Children’s Color Trails Test (CCTT), and 8-channel QEEG system (LXE3208, Laxtha Inc., Daejeon, Korea). Results There were significant improvements of ARS total score (z=2.93, p<0.01) and inattentive score (z=2.94, p<0.01) in children with ADHD. However, there was no significant change in hyperactivity score (z=1.33, p=0.18). There were improvement of digit total score (z=2.60, p<0.01; z=2.06, p=0.03), digit forward score (z=2.21, p=0.02; z=2.02, p=0.04) in both ADHD and healthy comparisons. In addition, ADHD children showed decreased time of CCTT-2 (z=2.21, p=0.03). The change of theta/beta right of prefrontal cortex during 16 weeks was greater in children with ADHD than in healthy comparisons (F=4.45, p=0.04). The change of right theta/ beta in prefrontal cortex has a positive correlation with ARS-inattention score in children with ADHD (r=0.44, p=0.03). Conclusion We suggest that playing Go would be effective for children with ADHD by activating hypoarousal prefrontal function and enhancing executive function.


  ADHD and executive function
  ADHD treatment and adverse effects
  Board games and executive function
  Executive function and EEGchanges in the prefrontal lobe
  ADHD symptoms
  Quantitative electroencephalographyin prefrontal cortex
  Executive function
  Correlations between ARS score,cognitive symptoms, and EEG
  Go improved attention symptoms
  Go improved executive functions
  The change of EEG in prefrontalcortex
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  • Se Hee Kim 김세희. Department of Psychiatry, YongSang Andong Hospital, Andong, Republic of Korea
  • Doug Hyun Han 한덕현. Department of Psychiatry, Chung-Ang University Hospital, Seoul, Republic of Korea
  • Young Sik Lee 이영식. Department of Psychiatry, Chung-Ang University Hospital, Seoul, Republic of Korea
  • Bung-Nyun Kim 김붕년. Department of Psychiatry, Seoul National University College of Medicine, Seoul, Republic of Korea
  • Jae Hoon Cheong 정재훈. Uimyung Research Institute for Neuroscience, Samyook University, Seoul, Republic of Korea
  • Sang Ho Han 한상훈. Laxtha Incorporated, Daejeon, Republic of Korea


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