얼굴표정 인식을 통한 감성인식과 감성에 따른 이미지 변환


Facial Emotion Recognition and Image Transform by the Emotion

장재건, 황인학, 류승택

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Recently, the field of emotional ICT which recognizes human's emotion is a rapidly growing interest. For example, various products applying emotion are being released and Softbank's robot, Pepper, is the one of those. This robot can recognize human's emotion through facial expressions and have conversations accordingly. By reading emotion through facial expressions, communication with humans become more natural. In addition, the emotional interface between machines and humans in various areas are applied to show a more intimate interface such as emotional application games that respond differently based on the emotion. In this paper, a system applying special effects on images based on recognition of six emotions from the facial expressions is proposed. A more friendly content can be produced by applying an appropriate emotional effect on the image loaded by the user with the user's facial expression. The result of this paper can be very appropriate to game scenarios and developing game program stages with the recognition of human emotion.


 1. 서론
 2. 선행 연구
  2.1 얼굴표정 인식
  2.2 감성 추출
 3. 제안하는 방법
  3.1 제안하는 알고리즘
  3.2 얼굴영역 검출
  3.3 색상 변화
  3.4 이미지 변환
 4. 결과
 5. 결론 및 향후연구


  • 장재건 Jae-Khun Chang. Department of Computer Engineering
  • 황인학 In-Hak Hwang. Department of Computer Engineering
  • 류승택 Seung-Taek Ryoo. Department of Computer Engineering


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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