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Comparative studies of the dental morphology textbooks - Focusing on the learning objectives -


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Purpose: This study will examine the differences among the college dental morphology textbooks in light of their contents and learning objectives through which we will propose an optimal way of consolidating those differences found. Methods: Five college textbooks adopted in the dental related departments were selected by random and the overview and subdivisions of contents were compared and closely analysed with regards to the learning objectives. Results: Firstly, all of the dental morphology textbooks cover the learning objectives of the dental morphology subject, especially in the area of the overview of dental morphology, the permanent tooth, deciduous tooth. Only the dentistry textbooks explain the learning objective of the occlusion. Secondly, differences in content were found in the area of component tissue and around tissue, dental formula of deciduous teeth, spinous process, buccal pit, enamel projection, curve symbol, tip of cusp position of proximal surface of permanent mandibular canines, buccal cusp position of permanent mandibular second premolars. Conclusion: It is imperative to delineate some meaningful and critical differences in contents among the dental morphology textbooks and reflect this to each and every textbook to be published as a supplementary information guide or index.


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