Session 11 : 기타정보통신기술 Ⅱ, 좌장 : 최용수(성결대학교)

개선된 Copy Paste 영상위조 검출 알고리즘


Improved Copy-Paste Image Forgery Detection Algorithm

데살린 아트나푸, 최용수, 김형중

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Digital image forgery has become a serious problem due to the sophistication and accessibility of image editing software. Copy move forgery is the simplest type of forgery that involves copying portion of an image and paste it on different location within the image. There are many approaches to detect copy paste forgery, but all of them have their own limitations. In this paper visual and invisible feature based forgery detection techniques are compared and contrasted. The analysis shows that pros and cons of these two techniques compensate each other. Therefore, a hybrid of visual based and invisible feature based forgery detection that combine the merits of both techniques is proposed. The experimental results shows that the proposed algorithm has enhanced performance compared to individual techniques. Moreover, it provides more information about the forgery, like identifying copy and duplicate regions.


 I. Introduction
 II. Related Works
 III. 제안된 방법
 IV. 실험 결과
  1. Case of Copy-Paste
  2. Case of Non-Forgery
 V. 결론


  • 데살린 아트나푸 Dessalegn Atnafu Ayalneh. 고려대학교
  • 최용수 Yong-Soo Choi. 성결대학교
  • 김형중 Hyoung-Joong Kim. 고려대학교


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