Countermeasures for ‘New Age’ in Korean Church


Kim, Eun Ho

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New Age is not an unfamiliar word for modern people who live in the postmodern age. Rather, New Age is deeply within our lives from music or yoga. But New Age is above simple culture that we generally know. Outwardly they seem to seek peace and harmony, but within their inner side, we can know that they seek for antichristianism, non-Christian, and a life in Utopia without God. New Age has secretly snuck into the churches by packing ‘pantheism’, ‘doctrine of reincarnation’, and ‘relativism’ into the name of culture. New Age, which has infiltrated the church, damaged the truth of the Bible and also encouraged the believers to have doubt and make a division with their relationship with God. The idea of New Age basically appeared by criticizing the Christianic view of the world. Especially, they have argued that the doctrine “salvation ‘only’ through Christ” should be replaced by “salvation through any religion”. This means that they bodily deny the existence and value of the church. But churches are insensitive of this matter and even belittle this matter. Going back to Genesis 3, we can see that Adam and Eve, creation of God, forgot their identity and doubted God’s absolute Word and relativized it. Through this Satan tempted them and made them to declare independence and freedom without God. But where were their fate headed to? Their life without God and their distortion of the Word gave them death, the agony of sin, and miserable life. The thoughts that tempted Adam and Eve are the main ideas of New Age which New Agers are crying out. Hence, this research will examine the ideas of New Age which are: non-Christian and antichristianism, and the elements of New Age that snuck into our churches. This research will examine theses elements and ideas through the three elements of worship life: sermon, prayer, and praise. Furthermore, consolidate a plan to reform the churches that have the elements of New Age already rooted into themselves, and also examine the soils that brought New Age up to the surface. Through this, churches will recover their essence of a church, and also become a pure church. The purpose of this research is based to play a part, in spite of one’s poor ability, by guarding the church from New Age which brings the crisis of identity, and to bear the mission of the church.


I. Introduction
 II. The start off of New Age
  1. Perspectives of New Age
  2. Present State of the 'New Age'
 III. 'New Age' in Korean Church
  1. 'New Age' Infiltration into the Korean Church
  2. Korean Church Needing the Recovery of Essence
 VI. Christian alternative towards New Age
  1. The correction of Christian Worldwiew
 V. Conclusion


  • Kim, Eun Ho Assistant Professor of Anyang University


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