Die Johannesapokalypse als Herausforderung für Liturgie


Shin, Dong Ook

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This paper attempts to adduce that the Apocalypse of John is a book for the liturgy. The liturgical expressions and forms such as the liturgical musics and the scenes of the heavenly worship and the Halleluia with a great voice of many people in heaven are the evidence to this. Through this liturgical scenes in heaven and hymn instructs the author of the Apocalypse of John instructs that the claims of brutal Roman Imperial ruling system were antithetical to those of Christ. And he suggests that he regarded any compromise as impossible and any accommodation as blasphemy. To summarize: The worship and liturgical musics in the Apocalypse of John play a role of an educational place for a resistance against the Roman ruling system and against the violence.


I. Zur Problemlage
 II. Die himmlische Liturgie in Offb 4-5
  1. Die liturgischen Elemente in Offb 4-5
  2. Die Theologie des Gottesdienstes in Offb 4–5
 III. Das Lied im Gottesdienst als singender Protest
 IV. Zusammenfassung


  • Shin, Dong Ook Professor of Hyupsung Universität


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