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Psychopathology of social isolation


Sang-Bin Baek

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The most important defining factor of being human is the use of symbol-ic language. Language or communication problem occurs during the growth, the child will have a higher risk of social isolation and then the survival will be threatened constantly. Today, adolescents and youths are familiar with computer and smart-phone devices, and communica-tion with others by these devices is easy than face-to-face communica- tion. As adolescents and youths live in the comfortable and familiar cy-ber-world rather than actively participating real society, so they make social isolation. Extreme form of this isolation in adolescents and youths is so-called Socially Withdrawn Youth. In this study, the psychopatho-logical factors inducing social isolation were discussed. Development stages of social isolation in relation with types of social isolation, Ego- syntonic isolation and Ego-dystonic isolation, were also consid-ered.


  Ego-syntonic isolation
  Ego-dystonic isolation
  Oedipus complex: two-person relationship vs three-person relationship
  Pathology in communication: double-bind
  Failure in attachment: detachment
  Severe mental trauma: abuse
  Post-traumatic stress disorder
  Schizoid personality disorder
  Schizotypal personality disorder
  Avoidant personality disorder
  Narcissistic personality disorder
  Outcast or bullies
  Socially withdrawn youth


  • Sang-Bin Baek Department of Psychiatry, Ulsan University Gangneung Asan Hospital, Gangneung, Korea


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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