Rereading Joyce, Relocating Yeats : Reconsidering the Postcolonial Turn in Joyce and Yeats Studies


조이스와 예이츠 연구에서의 탈식민주의적 전환의 의미

Seongho Yoon

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Is James Joyce truly a postcolonial writer? New perspectives on the colonial history of Ireland have proliferated in recent years and yielded a complex conception of the Irish experience that has taken a central stage of current Joyce studies. Bearing upon the critical contentions of such changing scholarship, this article aims to follow a double trajectory. I will first examine how the postcolonial turn in Joyce studies has widened and diffused the generic boundaries of the traditional Joyce scholarship, and then continue to examine heterogeneous, provisional, and ever-changing interpretative networks of Joyce studies, which, in turn points to a future direction for a new discussion of the relationship between Joyce and Yeats.


모더니즘의 대표적 작가인 제임스 조이스를 탈식민주의적 관점에서 읽 으려는 노력은 조이스 연구에 새로운 활력을 제공하고 있다. 이 논문은 이러한 조이스 연구에서의 탈식민주의적 전환의 이론적 성과와 한계를 동시에 검토하고, 이를 통해 조이스와 예이츠의 문학적 교차와 긴장의 결을 새롭게 읽어낼 수 있는 가능성을 타진 한다.


 I. Leading Questions
 II. The Postcolonial Turn in Joyce Scholarship
 III. Is Joyce a Postcolonial Writer?
 Works cited


  • Seongho Yoon 윤성호. Associate Professor of English in the Department of English, Hanyang University.


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