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Educational support measures to resolve school maladjustment for mid-entry adolescent immigrants in Korea



Korea is advancing into a multicultural society due to the sudden rise in the number of foreigners living in the country. Accordingly, the figure of students from multicultural families has also increased. As a result, Korea is facing several social problems. For instance, conflicts and bullying in the schools among the students are growing due to racial and cultural differences. To combat these problems, the Korean government has implemented several multicultural policies. Korea’s ambition to become a multicultural society has brought changes in the classroom environment in schools as well. The Ministry of Education has put great efforts for the students from the multicultural families for their education and cultural adaptation. Despite several efforts, the adolescents who immigrated to Korea after their parents remarried to Koreans have caused maladjustment in the Korean schooling system. Through the study of existing literature and Focus Group Interviews (FGI) the proposed study tries to investigate Korea’s educational support policies for multicultural students (mid-entry adolescent immigrants) by analyzing the case of ‘Incheon Hannuri Multicultural School’, the first multicultural alternative school in Korea. First, the study performs a situational analysis of multicultural students and mid-entry adolescent immigrants in Korea and details their difficulties in the schools. Then, it studies the existing support policies for multicultural students and mid-entry adolescent immigrants in the country followed by a case study of multicultural alternative school for mid-entry adolescent immigrants. The study is expected to help draw out policy change process and characteristics of Korean multicultural education system. Second, it will be able to explore the aspect of school life maladjustment of the students from multicultural families. Third, it will also be able to draw out problems regarding educational support measures and help resolve the maladjustment of mid-entry immigrated adolescents in Korean schools. Not the least to mention, the study will provide a comparative discussion point between Korean and European multicultural education policies and practices.


  • Kyung Mi Chun Inha University Doctoral Student
  • Young Eun Jeon Inha University Doctoral Student
  • Ki SeobChung Inha University Professor


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