콩나물 재배시 asparagine의 변화


Change of asparagine content during soy-sprout growing

정연신, 황영현

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Most soybean sprouts grown in factories are sold on the market. When the soybean sprouts grow up to lateral root initiation, the rate and absolute amount of asparagine in the roots of all sprouts are comparatively low. To extract the greatest amount of asparagine from soy-sprouts, it is advantageous to grow sprouts more than 16 days. When sprouts were grown with ozonic water, it was possible to grow sprouts more than 16 days without any rotting problems. The content of asparagine in the sprouts were proportionally increased up to 16 days. When sprouts were grown in 0.2% of urea, the content of asparagine in sprouts were significantly increased. Soybean sprouts grown at room temperature showed the highest yield rate and asparagine content, at the same time.


  • 정연신 경북대학교 농업과학기술연구소)경북대학교 식물생명과학부
  • 황영현 경북대학교 식물생명과학부


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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