경작지 내 소규모 수림의 경관생태적 특성 분석


A Character Analysis of the Woodland in Cultivated Areas in point of Landscape Ecology

조현주, 나정화

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This research put most emphasis on setting the guidelines for improvement through character analysis of landscape ecology to cope with ecological malfunction of the woodland surrounded in cultivated areas. The results are as follows. 1) As a result of character analysis of the woodland in cultivated area in point of landscape ecology in five case sites, the size of case site 3 is the largest as and it is shown that a colony of pine trees which is valuable in terms of ecological, scientific, historic and cultural senses. 2) As a result of analysis on expansibility of woodland in cultivated area, case site 1 is 0.25, the lowest, flexibility is 4, the highest. In order to improve ecological function in woodland, it is regarded that maintaining curve form rather than straight one. 3) As a result of analysis of morphological diversity, case site 5 shows 1.3, the highest. However, the condition of vegetation and emergence frequency of species indicates low value degree. 4) Based on the result of analysis of landscape ecological character like above, the number of guidelines for the woodland in cultivated area is three and vegetation is four.


  • 조현주 Cho, Hyun-Ju. Department of Landscape Architecture, Graduate School of Kyungpook National University
  • 나정화 Ra, Jung-Hwa. Department of Landscape Architecture, Kyungpook National University


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