실적공사비 적산제도 표준화를 위한 예정가격 산정 -학교공사를 중심으로-


The Predetermined Amount Estimation for the Standardization of Construction Cost Estimating System Focusing on the School Work

박금순, 정성관, 박경훈, 유주한

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Introduction of construction cost estimating system is necessary to promote appropriate reflection of construction cost and simplified and efficient amount work. The results of this study are as follows. In the results of considering the basic concept and composition of a construction type estimating system, an example orders are concentrated on an apartment house in the country. The building appurtenant work of extension work is high(1.52) as compared with others. In regression analysis for a construction cost, the models are as follows. In a new construction work, (construction cost)=(building area), and in extension work, (construction cost)=(building area). Accordingly, this study wishes to compare and analyzes main contents of original cost method and results cost method, and propose predetermined amount estimation device through existent literature study investigation for accumulation of the construction cost.


  • 박금순 Park, Keum-Soon. Hyeondae Addition Institute
  • 정성관 Jung, Sung-Gwan. Department of Landscape Architecture, Kyungpook National University
  • 박경훈 Park, Kyung-Hun. Department of Environment Engineering, Changwon National University
  • 유주한 You, Ju-Han. Institute of Agri


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