관형사형 어미 ‘-을’에 대하여


On the Relativizer ‘-eul’.


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The study has tried to reveal that the relativizer ‘-eul’ has experienced undergoing changes on the basis of combining restriction and functional meaning. The change shows various aspects according to the syntactic structure or combining elements. The relativizer ‘-eul’ becomes a morpheme resulting from combining ‘-ri-’ and ‘-eun’. ‘-Ø-’ and ‘-eoss-’ can be combined with ‘-eul’, while ‘-deo-’ and ‘-gess-’ cannot. ‘*-deol’ which is the combination of ‘-deo-’ and ‘-eul’ doesn't appear because of the error of combining order of ‘-ri-’ and ‘-deo-’. Also, ‘*-rireon’ which is the combination of ‘-ri-+-deo-+-eun’ does not appear because it cannot combine a pre-final ending in a morpheme. The reason why ‘-gess-’ and ‘-eul’ cannot be a combination is resulted from the overlap of functional meaning. There is a restriction in combining ‘-eul’ and the adjective. In the relative clause, ‘-eul’ cannot be combined with the adjective, but in the NP complement, it can be combined. In the NP complement, it is in the course of change ending like ‘-eul geosi-’, or the combination ‘-eul’ and ‘time noun’, which restricts event time in the main clause and can be combined with the adjective. In following the determiner clause, ‘-eul’ can be combined with the adjective. ‘-eul’ and ‘-eun’ cannot be together because the former is, regardless of event time, an order of meaning while the latter conveys ‘antecedent event’. It doesn't come together with ‘-eun’ that has no functional meaning of modality as it continues to imply the functional meaning of the combined element ‘-ri-’. Although the combination ‘-eul geosi-’ is in the course of change ending, it has been combined with the adjective without any change of functional meaning. As the composing change of ‘-eul+time noun’ is restricted to the combination with the adjective in NP complement, it is not the change of ‘-eul’ but the change ending of ‘-eul+time noun’. (Silla University)


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 2. ‘-을’과 선어말어미의 통합제약
 3. 서술어와 ‘-을’의 통합제약
 4. ‘-을’의 기능의미와 변화
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  • 김수태 Sutae Kim. 신라대학교


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