Opening the Age of Payment 3.0 for the Happiness of Human Spirit : Innovation in Payments by Breaking Rules.


Kyung Yang Park

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The success of the award-winning mobile payment service, MoCa PAY, from Service Marketing Association and also from Harvard Innovation Project, would not have been possible without a relentless pursuit for creative innovation. The story of MoCa is interesting especially because MoCa mobile payment system was developed through the collaboration of Harex InfoTech, a small creative venture company, and KT, a national telecom service company. The main purpose of this article is to briefly present on how the innovative mobile payment service, MoCa PAY, achieved great success thus far and laid great foundation to expand to global markets. Through the story of our real case, this paper also shows how MoCa PAY accomplished Payment 3.0. The main argument of this paper is presented based on the new marketing paradigm, Marketing 3.0, by Philip Kotler, a top marketing guru. This paper summarizes the innovative benefits, or the success factors, of MoCa PAY by answering to the five questions which were raised most by top mobile payment professionals the author met through the Harvard Payment Innovation Project 2013. The answers will also highlight empirical case examples on how MoCa PAY accomplishes Payment 3.0. As highlighted in the example of MoCa PAY, profit is not the only driver. If there is a single most important driver for the success of any innovative efforts including MoCa, that would be the passion to make a product or service to help people, even under-privileged, enjoy and thrive, and thereby making our world a better place. That is what MoCa was intended for, and what MoCa will stand for in the future.


 The success story of MoCa as Payment 3.0.
 The five questions to answer
 Innovation tips for future innovators
 서비스마케팅저널 편집방침
 서비스마케팅저널 투고요령


  • Kyung Yang Park Chief Vision Officer (CVO) and Founder, MoCa, Harex InfoTech Inc.,the winner of the 2013 grand award of service innovation achievement by Services Marketing Association.


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