CJ O Shopping, How Has It Achieved Global Success through Exploring New Biz Model? : Leveraging the Korean Waves to build human brand attachment across different cultures.


Hae Sun Lee

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This case research is about how CJ O Shopping has transformed its small start into a globally successful service company within a short period of time. The research is aimed at presenting CJ O Shopping’s case to highlight the fact that it is essential to reinforce competitiveness and devise differentiations in the home shopping industry through innovative attempts; and to study requirements and directions that companies with aspiration for a huge leapfrog forward beyond the current limitations must bear in mind when seeking unconventional changes. CJ O Shopping developed the new business model – media commerce – as a convergence model by integrating ONLYONE products characterized by uniqueness and exclusiveness, CJ E&M’s competitive media content and the endorsement of Korean Wave celebrities in order to maximize the synergy effect. The media commerce delivers branded entertainment which generates the purchase of ONLYONE brands by allowing ONLYONE products to approach consumers in natural and attractive manners, resulting in a virtuous cycle. Celebrities play a pivotal role in speeding up the cycle. CJ O Shopping has grown to be the most innovative player in the home shopping industry by providing advanced shopping experiences to consumers as it has been satisfying fastidious consumers while surviving in the intense competition for the past 20 years. However, it now focuses on building a fundamental, core competency to actively respond to the tough market environment in order to provide differentiated values to consumers. Competition among home shopping companies has been expanded and diversified into competition with other online and offline retailers and in the global market. In conclusion, it is necessary for CJ O Shopping to continue to devise innovative business models so that it can swiftly respond to changes to survive and act as a game changer to drive changes for the future.


 I. Introduction
 II. Understanding the Korean Home Shopping Market
  2.1 The Korean Home Shopping Market Situation
  2.2 Changes in the Korean Home Shopping Industry
 III. Understanding CJ O Shopping
  3.1. CJ O Shopping’s Values
  3.2. CJ O Shopping’s Innovation
  3.3. Globalization
 IV. CJ O Home Shopping’s New Challenge: Media Commerce
  4.1. CJ O Shopping’s Concern
  4.2 The New Business Model: Media Commerce
  4.3 Approach to Improve the Media Commerce Model
  4.4 The Current Media Commerce Model
 V. The Future of CJ O Shopping


  • Hae Sun Lee President/CEO of CJ O Shopping, the winner of the 2013 Grand Award of Service Marketing Achievement.


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