경주지역 경제ㆍ사회발전의 과제와 방향


Tasks and Directions for Economic and Social Development in Gyeongju Region


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The purpose of this study is to define tasks for economic and social development of Gyeongju region and propose directions for the region. In the past, regional development model was exogenous development model that depends on central government’s top-down approach. In this exogenous development model, local residents are excluded from being the main agents of regional development. Rather than efficiently utilizing regional resources, the model depended on the central government and this lead to hampering regional development on its own. On the contrary, endogenous development model takes a bottom-up approach where local region leads the development. The model puts emphasis on the participation of local residents and the creative motivation of the region. However, considering the fact that Gyeongju is a region with rich historical and cultural heritage and its current condition of low financial independence, development of the Gyeongju regional economy should aim for a new endogenous development model that best compromises both the exogenous and the endogenous development model. That is to receive as much as financial support from the central government by suggesting its own regional development plan based on creative ideas of the region, and at the same time fully making the best use of its regional resources and forming a strong foundation for an autonomous economy. Geyongju should adopt global culture-creation city as its vision and put its efforts in establishing one’s regional identity, increasing population, attracting enterprises, revitalizing downtown area, and developing new city near rapid transit railway station. From now on, Gyeongju region should enhance its competitiveness through the means of establishment of local resident participation governance, industrialization of cultural assets, advancement of agricultural industry, enhancement of education, and internalization of the region.


 Ⅰ. 서론
 II. 경주지역경제의 현황과 여건의 변화
 III. 경주 SWOT종합분석
 IV. 지역발전전략
 V. 경주의 비전과 과제
 VI. 발전방향 및 결론


  • 임배근 Im, Bae-geun. 동국대학교 경제금융학과 교수


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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