‘동양의 런던’, 근대 해항도시 上海의 도시 이미지 - 공공조계를 중심으로 -


The Urban Images of a Modern Sea Port City, Shanghai called “London of the East” - Focusing on the Shanghai International Settlement -

‘동양의 런던’, 근대 해항도시 상해의 도시 이미지 - 공공조계를 중심으로 -


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Having various urban images as such ‘Paris of the East’, ‘London of the East’, ‘New York of the West’, etc. Shanghai had yet become one of the six big cities of the world with its population amounting to over three million. This article aims to search for the reason for why Chinese don't prefered to call it ‘London of the East’. The rapid development of Shanghai as the typcal big city of modern China was connected profoundly to its particular urban spaces of Shanghai International Settlement and the French Concession. We examined how the Shanghai International Settlement had been constructed and Shanghai's urban images had been made up focusing on “Huangpujiang” defined mainly by edge-Waitan(Bund)-, path-Nanjing Road-, and landmark-Hongkong Shanghai Bank. And we interrogated into the activities and documents of contemporary Chinese, Korean and Japanese intellectuals and literary artists which had displayed at the bank and Shanghai Club of Bund, a physical space that made its modern urban images up. Absolutely, their such ideas lacked the accurate appreciations of reality. However, alongside of ‘old-Shanghai Nostalgia' phenomena which tried to recover the abundance and culture of 1920․1930s' Shanghai come to life again today.


Ⅰ. 들어가는 말
 Ⅱ. ‘동양의 런던’, 공공조계의 탄생과 발전
  1. 工部局과 公共租界
  2. ‘동양의 런던’
 Ⅲ. ‘동양의 런던’과 사람들
  1. ‘동양의 런던’과 영국인
  2. ‘동양의 런던’과 동양인
 Ⅳ. 나오는 말


  • 최낙민 Choi, Nack-Min. 한국해양대학교 국제해양문제연구소


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